The Best pre wedding photographer in Ludhiana is rajustudio Mr. Raju Kumar is the founder of Raju Digital Studio. He has been Associated with the Photography Since 1995 and has 25+ Years of Experience in this Photography Industry. This is the Reason which Makes Us the Best Photographer in Ludhiana, Punjab. Under his Great Photography Vision, his Sons Sourav & Gourav have Got Photography appreciation Trophies and Awards.


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We wedding photographer in Ludhiana! Provide the best services on your special day. Events such as wedding are about journeys of discovery, about love and affection and to start a new relationship. Your satisfaction is our specification and our work will way exceed your expectations.
  1. To know your love story and give those candid momentous moments a personal touch through lenses. These professional wedding photographers can create your wedding story in an intimate way.
  2. To get an informal, Photojournalism, and creative image. We at Rajustudio captures expressions and freeze the beautiful moments that are often missed. Our team assured photographers look at the things differently, giving life to those imaginations. We capture pictures which are accessible.
  3. To get candid and perfect pictures with your partner. To cement all of that together you need something strong, something beautiful everlasting and which shows the happiness and colors of Indian weddings in an artistic way.



Hire the best photographer in Ludhiana for your wedding day, We at Rajustudio have the highly trained documentary photographer and filmmakers from Ludhiana Who will bring to you the best of your wedding through the most precious and beautiful moments being captured, it will lasting you for the lifetime. For everyone, their ceremony passes away in a blur. And they hardly remember the numerous roller coaster of emotions felt at the time of marriage And these are the most peerless moments that you never want to forget in your life- that’s where we come in! Make your event look grander with your fantastic pictures. The beautiful wedding photos that we clicked could narrate your intimate wedding affair and celebrations in the most descriptive way. the best photographer in Ludhiana thinks every single marriage ceremony unique-whatever it is –Marwadi, Maharashtrian, Bengali, Tamil, Punjabi. We will be there to shoot your marriage ceremony in an extraordinary manner. We never miss any momentous thing from your marriage and through our high-tech equipment, our shutterbugs can transform every simple memory into wonderful memories. We want your snaps to be admired highly and trust us it will make everyone to see it again and again.
Our team of high-powered their spirit is so high! That they connected to their professional expertise to their personal love for the marriage. We work for weddings, from weddings, at weddings. Some memories are cannot be forgotten, especially your marriage memories remain authentic and touching throughout life so we should treasure some memories in delightful pictures that would make us happy whenever we go through them. Rajustudio knows the significance of lovely memories in life So to keep them memorable, We store them in heartwarming pictures and videos.  We are the pre wedding photographer in Ludhiana are here for all your wedding inspiration and ideas, We have a gallery of never-ending photos that will keep you busy! As every couple has a story to tell and we have their beautiful wedding stories on our real weddings sections. We Also Have Many Years Of Experience In Pre Wedding Shoot Of Ludhiana. We love to tell stories especially when it comes to weddings because it revolves all around love and happy endings. The focus of studio by Mr. Raju Kumar is a creativebest wedding photographer in Ludhiana is truly artistic and fashionable portraits that are about beauty and style. Our photographers are available to capture your special moments including wedding shoot, family portfolios, candid pictures , portraits. They will not miss any of the significant moment of the event and try to represent every emotion through candid pictures. We just deliver perfect couple picture that would make a moment, event or ceremony extraordinary and mesmerizing. A photographs is the real light frozen in time. So, its hardly preserve that you want the best pre wedding photographer in Ludhiana to uphold those timeless memories for your wedding.


Before choosing your wedding photographer, you need to ask him about past experiences and see samples of his work. Discuss your requirements that what actually you want, Such as what you are looking in your photographs and if he will be able to fulfill them. You need to inform him of the dates and times of your functions and see if he is available on that date and time. Price is another important factor that you should decide with him

The secret to our art comes with our ability to make our snapshots talk about thousands of different emotions and seize their moments with compassion. Our pictures will speak volumes for themselves. Everyone has their unique wedding and its that uniqueness that finds its way into all our photos. With our proficiency and dedication to the core, you are ensured that we will provide the best quality of photographs to capture your special day. These moments need to be captured in such a way that they all are frozean in time. We don’t just regard our clients in the working globe but beyond this.

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